We currently have kittens available for adoption; however, our kitten page is currently under construction. For more information, please contact us at dreamquestbengals@comcast.net.

The picture below is a kitten that we produced and it was featured on the cover of the Bengal Bulletin in 2008!

At Dreamquest Bengals we take great care and pride in the kittens and cats we raise. Health and temperament are very important to us here. All kittens are raised in our home, under foot and are well socialized with our pets. All of our Bengals have a wild and exotic look, yet have the sweet and loving temperament of a domestic cat.


While we produce cats of show, breeder and pet quality, we believe the best cat or kitten is one that has been altered and can spend their life as a loving and pampered pet. This is why all pet kittens are sold with a spay or neuter contract that requires the buyer to have this done by or before six months of age. Kittens stay with us until they are at least 12 weeks old; this is to insure they all have been properly socialized as well as have a strong immune system before they enter their new home.  

Our kitten prices depend on color, pattern, and quality. All kittens come with a written health guarantee!

You can reserve your Dreamquest kitten now with a deposit of $200.00 This goes towards the price of your new kitten. Once you pick out the kitten of your dreams your deposit becomes non-refundable. 

Please visit our available kitten page now. If you have any questions or don’t see that special kitten that you’re looking for online, email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


In Loving Memory of Lucy

March 25,1995 - April 25, 2010

Lucy has helped us raise many litters of kittens over the years. She always loved visitors and will be missed dearly .

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